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A New Life for Little Peach


When we drove out to see Peach for the first time we found her in a small bathroom with all of her brother & sister piggies who were almost twice her size! Now she has two very happy little boys who just LOVE toting her around all over the place! She is still learning to remember to use her litter box but for the most part is doing very well. And to be totally honest she is so small her messes are nothing compared to my boys’ messes!! Dakoda, my oldest son, takes naps with her every day. Most nights you can find Peach sleeping in the boys bedroom closet instead of on her little piggy bed. During the night as she is sleeping you can hear “oink oink” as she is dreaming. I have absolutely fallen in love with the “click click” of her hooves on our floors. Yesterday she got into our open pantry and made a huge mess out of our taco shells!

Dakoda is so protective of his little Peach. When he gets home from school he scoops her up, hugs her, and murmurs sweet little love to the pig about how much he missed her and loves her. It’s so precious and special to me to see him so focused on being affectionate to something else other than focusing on what he wants all the time. He does well at taking care of her food and water. He can’t sit down to watch a movie or play on the computer without having Peach in his lap.

Lately, however, I’ve had to ban him from sliding down the playset with Peach in his lap, ban him from bouncing with Peach, ban Peach from the swings, and ban Peach from stroller rides! HAH! It’s great fun and the pig certainly is a sweetheart and loves the boys. She’s so incredibly cuddly believe it or not – I never thought I would say that about a pig! If you pick her up she just snuggles into your arm and sleeps until you put her down. She is absolutely perfect for our family and we just love her to pieces.

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