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Singing Peach to Sleep


Isn’t this a fantastic picture? This is my son Dakoda with his special Peach. Her eyes look a bit dirty because she has a little eye “goopy” that we’re monitoring. I only want to give her a bath once a week so her skin doesn’t get too dry. I have noticed how amazing it is that Peach knows the second it is Dakoda (AKA – “her boy”) holding her. He has a special way of holding her under her chin and under her belly where he just cradles her. When he picks her up she just relaxes and quietly sits there with him.

I’ve actually been receiving quite a few requests to see our little wonder pig. We’ve been taking him to a church, schools, and even on picnics! She LOVES traveling in the car and just sits in Dakoda’s lap and sleeps on the way wherever we are going. She is still a little skittish of loud noises and lots of people around but I think as she gets older she will warm up to a bit. In a far off dream I would love to take her around for kids, both special needs and not, to be able to pet and interact with. I already know she will be a special pig! Who ever thought you could love a pig so much?

Tonight was really precious. Both boys and my husband and I sat on my son’s bed to read a few bed time stories, including with Peach of course. After our books were red we decided to sing a few night time songs to the pig. Within 3 seconds of all of us starting to sing she immediately closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep! When we were done Dakoda curled up with Peach in his arms and fell asleep for bedtime. Before we go to sleep, however, we will take little piggy off of the bed. I’m afraid he might roll on top of her or something in his sleep. He sleeps very soundly. Plus although she launches herself off of my high bed (we have carpet) I don’t want her jumping off of his bed in the night onto the hard floors….oh heaven forbid use his bed as a potty!

I’ve had several people ask me about using a pig with autistic children. I don’t really have an answer for you except that it works for us. I don’t see a pig being a good idea with a severe autistic child. My son is very high-functioning Asperger’s and needs that special love and attention from someone or something who will love him unconditionally. It has been good for me to see him think of something other than himself. I even catch him picking up her poop (with a scoop) on occasion when she has an accident. He feeds and gives her water every day and takes her to her litter box. He very loudly proclaims praise for her when she uses a litter box and is very very protective of her. Peach is not a service animal, but for our family-especially my son- she is a therapy for him and a best friend.

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