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A Best Friend to Sleep With…. Accommodating a Pig


Not only are Peach & Dakoda best friends during the day, they are best friends during the night too. We have had her over a month now and just the past week we have begun to realize the impact that having a pig has already made on our son. The past couple weeks our son has had some pretty extreme behavioral set backs which seem to be attributed to the vaccine we gave him 2 weeks ago. His behavior totally tanked at home and at school. When I would pick him up from his part time school every day you could see that he was physically totally drained and mentally withdrawn. One day he even huddled in a ball in the car and rocked back and forth crying “I need Peach, I need Peach”. That’s when I first realized, truly realized how much Dakoda needed his pig. She will never be a true service animal but she is just the therapy he needs when he’s overwhelmed, scared, or lonely. For the rest of that week I brought her with my in the car to pick him up from school. Absolutely complete transformation. The second he got the pig after school he would completely relax and his mood would brighten considerably. It was amazing.

Usually Dakoda falls asleep at night for bed time with Peach in his arms and when she needs to get down during the night she jumps off then finds somewhere else to sleep. Inevitably last week the pig had a pee accident on Dakoda’s bed one day so we put a toddler bed mattress on the floor for him to sleep on until his bed was cleaned off properly & dried. What happened next just totally floored us. We told the boys to climb into their beds for night time. Dakoda was still sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Once the boys had quieted down for the night Peach went running into their bedroom and climbed into Dakoda’s mattress snuggling in his arms. During the night she wakes up and leaves to go potty and get a drink but she ALWAYS crawls back into his bed and snuggles with him. When he gets up the next morning she is still there sleeping in his bed. EVERY night when the boys are in bed laying quietly she runs right in their room and jumps into his bed. It’s SO incredibly precious. The only problem is that now of course Dakoda doesn’t want to sleep in his regular large bed anymore because Peach won’t be with him all night! So we’ve found a solution. This weekend we are going to buy a special reversible bunk bed from IKEA where the mattress is actually kept on the floor under the bunk bed. This will enable my son to have a “regular” bed set up and it allows the pig to be able to easily get in and out of the bed during the night. Yes, we love our son and our pig that much!

Their relationship has just amazed us and Peach truly does calm Dakoda down. When his feelings are hurt about something at school or he feels like he has no friends just hearing about Peach settles him down and brings a smile to his face.

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