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Meet Miss Ellie Mae


So after a wild turn of events this weekend (which I’ll have to blog about when I’m not quite so tired!) we all of a sudden have a pig now! Meet Miss Ellie Mae, a 4 month old pot-belly pig! She is just the sweetest most social little oinker! We are sad to have lost our Peach but I know Miss Ellie Mae will fit right in! We picked her up this afternoon and were not quite prepared to bring her home! She won’t go in the litter box we got for her. And we bought a medium and large harness so we can put her on a leash to take her outside to go potty and neither of them fit! She’s already had 3 accidents SO this should be interesting!! Hopefully tomorrow things will smooth out some more! Traci if you’re reading this – don’t worry – we still want her!! 🙂

I wish I could show you her face when you rub her belly! She fell asleep in the hallway and she’s so fat her feet stock up in the air! It’s hilarious! She’s super cute – we’ve just got to work out some kinks this week! So now we have an oinker, a German shepherd, and 2 cats in our house – we are so blessed! (and a bit crazy!)

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