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The other day I…


The other day I walked into my garage & heard “CHIRP CHIRP”…I had totally forgotten that my husband brought home an incubator full of eggs from school and evidently they hatched! SO we thought we would introduce Peach to some friendly farm animals and she loved them!!


This is my 2 year old Landon with “Beethoven” (the chick) and Peach! Isn’t this adorable!! The weather here in Florida has been absolutely fantastic lately and Peach is loving spending so much time outdoors. This past week she has been even busier than normal in her little piggy life as we’ve just started letting our oldest son Dakoda sleep with Peach throughout the night. At first I was a little nervous he would accidentally roll on her but he doesn’t move much in his sleep and Peach definitely knows how to get out of the way if she needs to! 

We have started taking Peach out on excursions with us. I want her to get used to being around a crowd of people so that someday we can take her to schools and other groups of children who could use a little animal therapy of their own! She visits at my husband’s school after hours and this past weekend we took her to The Monarch School, a local school for autistic children. They had a community event there this weekend with bikes, classic cars, pony rides, and other autistic-friendly events. It was great! Everything was spread out far apart so nothing was crowded, it wasn’t loud and everyone was comfortable. Although I swear my son senses when he’s around other autistic children because he acts out a LOT more every time we go there! I haven’t figured that one out yet! Anyways, we brought Peach there with us and everyone loved her! It was great to see the autistic children reach out to touch her and try to say the word “pig”, see Asperger’s children become a little more social because they were interested in her, and make the adults and other vendors smile because let’s face it, she’s a cute baby pig! She was SO exhausted by the time we left but I was proud of our little Peach. Many hands touched her that day and she brought a lot of smiles to faces who normally don’t break smiles easily.


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